Sunday, March 4, 2012

Waterfall, Rift Valley, and Krueger Farms

So yesturday, I was a bad wife. While Nolan was laying in bed, I went exploring with his friends. He was feeling mostly better, just not up to long car rides and hiking. I was glad he didn't come for his health's sake, but it was lonely being without him. Although those silly things I usually say, I couldn't say, because his pharmacy friends I don't think would understand.
      Ok, so I got up early to check  my email. hahahahah. As if! I did get a lot of things done though. We got to talk with McAfee's which was nice. I think we kept them up to late before church, so if you see Trevor snoozing, its our fault! :)
      We left at 9. I guess the medical students we invited, invited their one people, so it wasn't a relaxed ride, but a uncomfortable excursion with 12 people in a van that should only fit 10. We were joking that we looked like a matatu, but then decided we couldn't be a matatu, as no one had a chicken, and no one was hanging out the side of the van. We did see a matatu later with three guys hanging out going down the road. I will say, Kenyans have the entire carpooling thing down great. If Americans could carpool like that, we would save a ton of money, gas, etc.
     Appreciate these pictures... they took a hour to download.
    This first picture is of the waterfall. Nolan's comment upon seeing it was that Williamsport Falls was bigger. Well, I don't know the feet of either, but it was majestic. Unlike in the states, there was nothing from preventing us from walking all around it, which was quite dangerous. We all got completely muddy, as for one hill, the only way down was to pretty much slide on your bottom. I decided after that we could be called the Muddy Bottom Boys (Soggy Bottom Boys from Oh Brother Where Art Thou), as well all had very muddy bottoms.
   After that we did a little Olympic Training at the high altitude center. :) We did see some athletes and coaches at the restaurant. We thought about being all creepy and taking their pictures so we could have someone to root for in the Olympics. It is much harder to breath/exercise at this altitude and this was even higher than Eldoret.
    This picture doesn't do the scenery justice. We paid 100 shillings to enter, and I was like why do we have to pay about a dollar to park. Well, I soon seen why. The view was amazing!!!! I had heard we were on the edge of the rift valley in Eldoret. Well, this restaurant, Kerio View, was on the cliff on the very edge of the Rift. I'm told you can see the rift from outerspace. We were on the edge of a mountain of the biggest valley I have ever seen. You could see for miles and miles. It was almost more of a giant canyon. It is really hard to describe. I really want to take Nolan back here, because I think it is something you shouldn't miss.
   Last picture, Giraffes! We hiked up a small mountain, that might be small, but was a lot of work. We were all exhausted.  Luckily though, once you got to the top, you could see the giraffes, so you had a reason to go on, and not give up and lay in the grass at the top. There were three giraffes. Mommy, Daddy, and baby. Mommy was even pregnant. They tell me Male giraffes are darker.
So far my wildlife observed...
goats, lots and lots of goats,
cows, lots of skinny cows.
birds, they sound a lot funnier here, sort of like children crying
secretary birds
Some kind of wierd "king?" bird with a sort of crown.
lizards, including one in our shower!

Well, I love you all, Cheerio


  1. Tell Nolan that looks bigger than Williamsport's to me:)
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    Kisses and hugs to both of you. Hope Nolan is able to enjoy the weekend escapades soon:)
    Love you.

  2. Just starting to finally to read, love it. Be safe noab!