Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here in Eldoret

        So last night, the internet worked for long enough to post something. Today we have able to get on, and I could view my blog, but until now, unable to sign in to my own blog. From MSN though we learned there has been some tornadoes in Indiana, the midwest, and South, so we pray you and yours are all safe.
        Ok, not much today. I was outside on the road when this time, a HERD of cattle passed me. Luckily their owners told me what to do, but I was a little scared. Cows here are so skinny though, I probably weigh as much as one. I think I could take a cow!
       So keep praying for Nolan. He feels ok when he stays drugged up (OTC of course), but I want him to feel 100%. He didn't get to go to town with me and his friends today.

     I woke up at 0730 and it was so peaceful on a Saturday morning. Still no internet access, but I got to have a nice breakfast.
    Since Nolan was sicky, He missed out on the trip to town. It seemed busier, but town always seems busy here. Cultural overload. People everywhere,  mostly looking at you, because you are one of the 6 mzungus *white people*. I can count how many other mzungus...3 not in our group. I think I have stated before that other than the many shops, people sell everything on the streets. Shops include chemists(pharmacists), clothing, grocery stores, cell phone minutes, and many other things you would find in a normal city, except smaller, and most everything is cheaper. Nolan and I bought a phone charger for 3$. I thought the man would try to take us, but then again, maybe that is alot for a phone charger. I bought a souvenir for Audrey :) and the other people were telling me their families had requests. Well, I forgot to ask for requests before I left, so if anybody wants anything, please email me, or comment on my blog.
        I took some pictures of our home here...

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  1. Hello! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed catching up on your blog. I hope Nolan will feel better soon! Take some pictures of the skinny cows. Is it the breed or are they undernourished? Abby, I saw your mom at the ladies getaway this weekend. Y'all take care! Love, Moya