Monday, March 12, 2012

Hell's Gate Park

The first stop on our weekend trip was Hell's gate Park. My dad would love this place. You rent a bike (not of the highest quality I might add) and ride on an unpaved path through the park. The sweetest thing about it is that the wild animals are truly wild, meaning they can wander anywhere near you. No fences! Within five minutes we had seen a warthog family. By 10 minutes we had seen water buffalo and zebra, soon followed by a giraffe and ostriches. Thankfully all of these animals were friendly.

   I had expected a leisurely ride around the park. Well, first of all, a bumpy dirt path with all my junk is not leisurely. Secondly, when we reached our stop, we took a 2 hour hike through the canyon, complete with climbing up rocks, jumping streams, and the finale of a big hill with a rewarding view. It was beautiful!
  On the hike, we got behind a group of about 40 Kenyans. They were sort of slow, so we tried to pass them, but got stuck at one of the rock-climbing(being lifted by a strong Kenyan) points. Well, I felt really bad when we got to the turn-around point. It was a natural amphitheater in the Canyon.  They were actually a church choir of some kind, and started singing this beautiful song in Swahili. Nolan thinks they were catholic. They were very friendly, and asked us to join in. I took a video, so hopefully when I get home, you can listen to the Kenyans sing with a little help from our group.

  So after the hike, we are all extremely tired. The ride back was not far, but we realized on the way there, we had been going slightly downhill. Now we had to go slightly uphill, which may not sound bad, but really put us all to the test on the bumpy gravel-ish road. Oh, and it was one way, so any time a car came by you had to take a huge drink of dust and either pull over or hope for the best. It was fun and thankfully the clouds covered the late sun.

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  1. It's a good thing you have been doing Snap Fitness! Sounds like you'r getting a workout Kenya-style!
    Love you.