Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday and Tuesday

Not much to report for the last two days.. Back to the hospital. I continue to observe, while Nolan continues to be a stellar pharmacist.
The most exciting thing ( yes I know this is sad) is that tonight they had chocolate cake for supper! They never have dessert, so for us, this was a big deal. I suppose when getting food is difficult, the last thing Kenyans think about is chocolate or sweets. Nolan and I have been rationing out our Cadbury eggs, so chocolate cake was very welcome. We sat with two psychiatrists and a Internal Medicine/Psychiatrist at supper tonight. I felt really dumb, but had the chocolate cake to console me.

My favorite little boy at Sally Test center was acting out today. I think he was tired and hungry, but he kept throwing his little truck down, demanding to pick it up, throwing a fit if you don't let him, and then when you fiinally give it back, he throws it down again. This is one of the abandoned children. He doesn't talk, covers his ears at music, but loves to be held, which is what makes him so sweet. I also got to hold a cute little baby today, which is more eventful than it sounds as everyone likes to hold the babies.

I am excited to report there is another wife here! I went on the weekend trip with her, but thought she was just another one of the doctors. Well, she is definitely smart, but isn't a MD, but a biomedical engineer. I think I've made a friend! We went to Sally Test together and then to the grocery store. It's nice to know I have a fellow comrade!

Email has been a little better. ( Don't want to jinx myself) Email me news from home. I would love to hear about how everyone is doing.

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