Tuesday, March 13, 2012

After hell's gate, weekend part 3

After our bike/hike we were exhausted, covered in dust, and ready for  a hot shower. Well, not yet, becuase Cha Cha our driver, had something planned for us. It was worth it too!

We drove across town to the edge of the lake where we see thousands of flamingos. They are protected at Lake Naivasha. We even seen the tip of a hippo. Oh, the tip of a hippo is its ears and eyes. It was really far away, but so cool.

So after a photo op with the flamingos, we went back to camp. Did I describe our tent for you? Well, tent is a bit of a stretch. It is better described as luxury electrified cabin with a couple of tarp walls, two four poster beds, a bathroom way bigger than our room in Eldoret, and a hot shower. It was probably pretty expensive as we had no part in booking it, but it was nice to live in luxury one night. It probably would have been worth it just for the shower. So, if someone says they have been tent camping, ask them if it was luxury tent camping, which is not camping at all?

They prepared a nice supper buffet for us. Best thing was fried fish, but they had chapati too. No dessert for us poor Americans. :(

And to our delightful suprise, there was a turndown service which put hot water bottles in our bed.

Sweet dreams.

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