Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lake Nakuru and Hell's Gate Park Part 1

This weekend was so full, I will try to describe it in several blog posts. Amazing, fun, interesting, and funny... would all be words to describe this trip. For only spending one night away, we packed a lot in, and I don't want to describe all the first things in super detail, but then blur the rest, so I will do a mini-series.
    We left at 7am on Saturday morning. It was chilly in the morning so I wore long sleeves and jeans. MISTAKE. By the time we got there it was sunny and hot. Not intolerable, but hotter than normal.
    The first picture is from the "reststop" at the equator. I didn't go in or near, but I imagine it was stinky. It was still cool, sunny, and beautiful. It took about 3 hours to get there. The ride there wasn't bad because Nolan and I had seats in the second row. I also had a book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which is actually pretty good.
    Well more later,

    First stop, EQUATOR ! We had been south of the Equator in Nairobi, but we hadn't been on the exact line.

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