Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Food in Kenyan

        Yesterday was our night to eat out. We went down the road to Mama Mia's which is actually mostly Indian food or food with Indian flair. I was going to tell you about what we ate, but I think it would be more fun to tell you about all of the tasty foods we have eaten here... Oh, and I will skip the boring American stuff.

Last night:
paneer: Indian: Cheese Quote from Google, "a fresh cheese common in South Asian Cuisine. It is of Indian origin often referred in the Vedas dating back to 3000 BCE." it's hard, they fry it, saute it, cover it in sauce. delicious!

pizzas:Italian/Indian: the meal was tapas style with I think about 12 courses. 5 of them were pizza, but not just normal pizza, They take normal Indian dishes and make them into pizza, like chicken (cucu) tikal pizza???

lamb chops: I think we all know about those.

Florentine crepes: French?: NASTY: Ok, I like peas, but let me describe this crepe from Nolan's point of view. We had just eaten several courses, and were ready for dessert. What do they bring out? Crepes, Sweet, he thought, and he eagerly bit into one, just as he heard one of his colleagues say,"There are peas in them" EPIC fail. If they had any chance of being good, which they didn't, as being compared to delicious nutella or whipped cream means instant failure. Probably grossest thing in Kenya. I thought of you Connie. :)

mixed vegetables: this is sort of a joke, after stuffing ourselves on tons of delicious foods the last main course they brought out was mixed vegetables. Poor little carrots and green beans didn't have a chance. I think one med student took pity on them and ate some.

Ok, That is all for last night.

ugali: kenyan: Hard to describe, basically cornmeal with water/milk? turned into a sort of mush, Very bland, but Kenyans love it. I could do without. Don't tell the Kenyans!

chapati: Kenyan: my favorite Kenyan food. Fried flat bread. Salty, oily, and Delicious. One of my Kenyan friends at Sally Test is going to teach me how to make them, so hopefully when we come home, I can  make chapati for everyone!

samosas: origin?: I thought samosas were Indiana, but they eat them a lot in Kenyan. Most of the stands on the street have them. A flaky pastry deep friend with either meat or vege filling on the inside. Also amazing! Nolan liked the meat ones, and I liked the ones with spicy potato filling.

Corn on the cob: (miaz: They sell it on the street, in like 1/2 cobs for a few shillings. Haven't tried it, but I think corn is a big part of their diet.

wheatabix: Great Britain: Whole grain cereal that comes in little cubes, but soften in liquid.  I know this isn't Kenyan, but Nolan and I made up a little jingle. "Have you had your wheatabix today" Not so much in the food, but Great Britain's influence is seen heavily in their culture.

Bananas: They are so much better here, much sweeter and far superior to bananas at home.

Mangos: Should be their national fruit: They sell them everywhere on the street. Fresh mango juice most mornings here which is 100% as it is thick and pulpy. Most people don't like it, but it grows on you.

Cabbage: I had no idea cabbage was such a Kenyan food. They eat it in salads, main dishes, plain, boiled, chopped etc. They even have a version of Texas coleslaw crunch. I will probably need a long break from cabbage when I get back.

Milk: NON REFRIGERATED: Nolan told me they flash pasteurize their milk, so once it is processed, they seal it in containers, and it doesn't need to be refrigerated. Very creepy at first. It has quite the twang, but is growing on me. Also, the whole milk often comes in triangular shaped bags. You will see people drinking it on the streets. Sort of like the milk bags in elementary school, except these are paper.

Ok, well, I think I have filled you all for now. I miss everyone, please tell me how you all are doing.

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  1. Abby, Weetabix rock!!! I crumble mine with Greek yogurt and fresh berries for a morning parfait...or, when it is cold outside, I crumble two biscuits in hot milk. Pure bliss:-) Moya