Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hell's Gate/ Naivasha part 3,4,5????

Ha ha, Its pretty bad when you have divided your post up so much you can't remember who many posts on one topic there have been. This will be the last post of this past weekend, especially since we leave for our next trip tomorrow!. SAFARI!!!! at Masai Mara ( I know this is spelled wrong).

Ok, so the next morning we got up to a nice breakfast and another nice hot powerful shower. You would appreciate the shower more if you were here. Then, we got our life  jackets on to go hippo watching!!! With 6 on a boat, we went on the lake where there is a protected hippo population in the 100's.  You don't get to close though becuase although they are herbivores, they can be very aggressive, and will hurt you. One of my new friends and I decided they would make a hippo sandwich out of you. The hippos were AWESOME! Nolan and I got separated by boats, but that actually worked out great becuase he took a bunch of funny pictures of me squinting in the sun due to lack of glasses and excess of sun.

I wish I could remember all of the birds they showed us. I know we seen a King Fisher, a tiny black and white bird with a long skinny beak. We seen a type of eagle. They threw it a fish, and it swooped down, grabbed it and flew back to his tree. We decided he has the good life. If a boat comes by every hour, he is one well fed fish.We see pelicans, gulls, and many other birds that I'm sure bird-watchers would really appreciate.

We arrived on Crescent Island, which is actually a peninsula. There they have a protected wild animal population including mule dear, water buffalo, giraffes, zebras, gazelles, impalas, and supposively hyenas, but they are rarely seen in the day. It was amazing. We just walked around this huge field like area, right next to the animals. They were skiddish, so they didn't come close, but I was so close for not being a fence in between. So much fun!

On the way back, we stopped to eat at another park called Navasha, We didn't pay to get in, but we have heard its a good place to go on a mini safari if you don't want to go all the way to the Maasai Mara. Well, the monkey population must have decided it would not be caged in. Monkeys and baboons were on the outside of the gate where we ate! At first we were like, oooh, a monkey, oooh another monkey, but by the end, we were like, oh no another monkey! Not really, but there were lots! My favorite was a mommy monkey with a brand new baby. He was tiny tiny!

We seen lots of baby monkeys with their mom. I will tell you about my favorite. Ok, so during the meal, a lady guarded our table with a sling shot. We were all like, wow, that's overkill, she must want a good tip, until after the meal. As soon as we got up, the monkeys came closer. The sling shot lady stepped away for 30 seconds, and two monkeys jumped onto the porch, ran across the table grabbing whatever food they could find, and broke some dishes. She ran out and started shooting them, but by then it was too late!

So the one monkey, has a baby and now a handful of food in each hand. He jumps off the table, and then turns around to see our friend Lenny standing there. Lenny was not doing anything. Lenny was probably just as surprised as the monkey, but the mommy monkey felt threatened. She went up and smacked him. It was the funniest thing on the entire trip. I so wish we had a video. It was probably funny because of all of us, Lenny was probably the least likely to get in the monkeys space, and attack it!

Well, I had better get ready. The preacher from Kenya is coming to get the Bibles this morning!


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