Monday, June 25, 2012

Well, I definitely got too busy and forgot to post all last week. There wasn't too much exciting to tell. Orientation for both of us, and they already started working Nolan to the bone. I think it will be better once he passes his exams, but last week was eat sleep study work repeat for poor Nolan.

Friday while he was at work a very  nice couple from church invited me over for dinner and games. We played a serious game of pictionary and I had lots of fun. Also, it meant I had to drive the stick shift on the interstate. I MADE IT! I was really scared, and I probably scared a bunch of Texan drivers too, but I survived.

Saturday the residency team had a party for the old and new residents. Actually they both are staying on at the hospital to work. I guess 5/7 residents have stayed there for jobs. Interesting... I guess you just never know. Well, It was a Luau at one of the pharmacists beautiful homes. It was nice to meet the people Nolan will be working with but intimidating being around so many smart, rich people. eeek, I sure felt out of place!  From what everyone says it will be a hard year, but they all seemed happy to be there, and not at all regretful for doing a residency, which is a good thing. It seems like a great hospital.

Sunday,Nolan just studied. I  made homemade ice cream. Vanilla malt. Pretty tasty if I do say so myself. McAfee's you should be proud as I have kept Sunday pizza night tradition here in Fort Worth. It makes me feel at home.

Please email or call us. We both work this week, but would love to hear from everyone in the evenings. Well, I guess I should clarify. Don't call Nolan yet as he is busy studying. :)

Love, Abby
PS. Below, First: Portia's true nature
Second: Lion King Portia

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  1. Should that be "Lioness Queen?"
    I can't believe how big she is getting.
    Love you.
    Mom Mc