Monday, June 18, 2012

I am not sure if anyone is reading this, but I thought I would provide an update of the weekend. We actually didn't just stay home and unpack! unlike the last two weeks. What this  means for you is..,A. Less cat pictures and B. Gulf coast pictures.

We drove to Galveston on Thursday. I pricelined us a room, and it was directly in front of the beach.
The water isn't very clean, well I guess it just has more seaweed gunk in it, but it was wonderful warm and there were waves, so we were happy. We played in the water on Friday morning.

 I just thought this picture was funny. We found these tiny baby shells on the pier and we all know I'm a sucker for babies.

This is the ferry from Galveston to Texas mainland. We had to wait a while, but from rough calculations, it probably saves people on the peninsula an hour to drive to Houston through Galveston instead of all the way around. I don't think I explained that very well. The ferry was free and we seen dolphins. I fed the birds again. I guess you didn't see that, pictures below. Along with pictures of a pirate. Which one's the pirate is my question? :)

I'm glad my mommy taught me to feed the birds.
And No, I didn't get pooped on. Although Nolan did that night just walking under a tree. I know I'm just lucky.  
Next up: The Houston Nerd Center:
   Wait, I didn't say that. The Houston Space Center that is. We paid 3 dollars to upgrade so Nolan can come back and read every single fact about the space program. I will admit, it was much better than I expected. I liked learning about the older programs. One of the coolest things we seen was that on the first broadcast from space, they read the book of Genesis. They made many references to God and the Bible in the history section of the museum. I was happy to see that, but sadly doubt many believe in the present. Maybe they do, that would be cool to know.

Well, you can imagine, we got home to a very lonely kitty. She was a bit hard to handle for a while, but I can't blame her. I get crazy after one day alone.
Tomorrrow or Wednesday stay tuned for kitties first underwear!!!!!! Its so cute!



  1. Yes, we are reading! :) I love the ferry to Galveston and we always got to see dolphins which I thought was cool every time! :) Glad you are settling in! Love ya! Anne

  2. I'm reading too:)
    Did you see sea lions in Galveston? I remember seeing them in Corpus Christi as a kid--it made quite an impression on me.
    I saw the kitty-in-panties on facebook. Scott says all she needs now is a Purdue shirt!
    Love you.
    Mom Mc