Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello From Fort Worth

Thanks for checking in. We haven't done anything super exciting lately, so I have been hesitant to post. The apartment does look like home now. ( Especially since it is messy!)

Sunday: church. Two very nice services.  We ate at Jack in the Box after morning service and the check out guy told Nolan he needed to get a case for "the baby" aka IPAD. That made me feel pretty good since I have been trying to get him to buy a case for a long time now. :)

Monday: We made chicken on the George Foreman Grill. Fascinating, I  know :) Well, it is for us, because it took us 3 years to open the silly thing!

Tuesday: I got yogurt on sale at the grocery, and made chocolate frozen yogurt.  It definitely has the twang of yogurt, but with Nolan's xantham gum, has a great texture, and is definitely worth eating. We have been "churning" out the ice cream. Vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla chai malt gelato, and vanilla ( mom ) It is a good reason for you all to come visit!

The most exciting thing we did was more kitty photographs. The blurry ones are when she discovered a stuff pig. We are convinced that she is convinced it is alive. She wrestles with it on the ground like a  ninja kitty. It is so funny, I will have to take a video for later.

Love, Abby

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  1. I know what I want for Christmas--a Portia calendar!
    Love you.
    Mommy Mc