Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter with the Kids

 Easter with the Kids:
  I must say, this was one of the best easter I have had in a long time, despite the fact that I didn't get my regular bunny cake.
 On Sunday, we made brunch and had a party for the Amani Shelter Kids. I think we had 25ish kids total, including some other random children, and it was so much fun. Egg races, candy, crafts, pin-the-tail on the Rabbit ( my project) and egg hunt ( my project). The egg hunt turned out to be very difficult, and the woman in charge was bit of a control freak and required the eggs to be labeled. This was a good idea in theory, sort of like communism. But when you have to re-lable eggs 10x, new kids keep showing up, and some kids don't get the same amount of eggs, you realize why the classic, run for eggs as fast as you can, method is much better. Thankfully though, no one cried, and with some in-the-field name changes on eggs, everyone found eggs!
  The second easter party was for the kids at Sally Test. Crafts, cupcakes, egg hunt, egg dying, and candy.  It was great fun too!
  Last easter party was for the street kids at Tumaini Children's Drop-in Center. Kids can go three days a week for shower, 3 meals, education, and some structure. The kids there are pretty rough. Haven't found those pictures, so not sure if we didn't take any because we were afraid our camera would be stolen. I am not trying to judge, if I were on the street I would probably be the same way.

Easter party 2: Sally Test Center

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  1. Thanks for continuing to post, Abby. I love seeing and hearing about your adventures and memories made in Kenya.
    Love you.