Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mt. Kenya

This is a view from probably 1 1/2 to go.  Again, at this point, we thought, there is no way we are going to the top of the rocky part. We were wrong. 
  It was slippery, wet, tiring, hard, difficult, scary, dangerous, thundering, raining, cold, and crazy.  You could only go about 10 steps before you had to stop and take a breath. As you can see, we all made it. We had expected a view, but when you are in the clouds, I guess that isn't a correct expectation.
 It was freezing cold.  The sign, obviously, had fallen apart. We scarfed down pb and j sandwiches. One of the best tasting things on the trip. 

Below is Nolan on the way down. He was really scaring me. The altitude affected him more than myself.  He kept tripping and saying things like, "If I stop I won't be able to start again." I was really worried about him.  He did make it, and after a nap was much improved, but had really scared me. he looks pretty cute still though.
 We were laughing about this room. In the states, we would have demanded a new room. As, Nolan says, Its all relative. Here, we were like, wow, 3 clean beds, some electricity, a guard, and hot food, luxury! Its funny, there were 3 twin beds, and we only used one. The electricity didn't work, they gave us a new room. The water didn't work in the first room, and in the second room, the water ( cold of course) squirted out the bottom of the faucet when you turned the shower on.

Here is me at the bottom of the hike. 6 hours later. I was about ready to collapse.  We took a nap before supper at the Inn. Electricity was out, so we got up and ate in the dark.

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  1. ha, Ha, This is actually Mt. Elgon! I feel really dumb.