Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mt. Elgon Caves

Ok, So I know this is bad. I am writing about the previous weekend! I am so behind. The internet has been ok, but for some reason uploading photographs took about 4 hours! EEEK So I will make this short. 
Below is me in our hotel room at Mt. Elgon. I was stretching and Nolan decided it was a cool picture. I look like I am falling, but I really wasn't. Back-bends: my only talent. 
 Below is a sort of silly picture, but I thought I looked like a movie star. Look kids, movie stars wear sun tan lotion too!
 The edge of the caves. We were supposed to go in the caves at the national park. The park though said we could not come back unless we paid the fee again. Well, the park fees are ridiculous here. 30$ if you are a muzungu, and we didn't want to pay. Our guide though found a man who owns a cave nearby. We paid him a tiny amount compared to the park and he showed us around his caves. We all agreed it was much better. We got to walk out onto their farms, and every child from the village followed us. They would yell at the kids to go back, and usually they would for a minute, but then come right back.
 Below are our new friends Katey and Lenny. They are both about to graduate from medical school. We have really enjoyed getting to know them.
 There are not many pictures of the inside of the caves because they camera wouldn't focus or take clear pictures in the dark. Everything was extremely dusty, and the flash would pick up the dust fragments. When we got out, our snot was brown.
Below is the dry dirt at the opening of the cave. During rainy season, the water will flood this entire opening, but it is odd know that it looks like the dessert. We seen a lot of bats and spider cobwebs.

 Kids here love to have their picture taken with a digital camera, then look at it. They usually don't smile. Adults never smile in pictures.

Nolan on top of the cave on the edge of a cliff. I told him not to!

 In the distance is Mount Elgon.
Walking back to our car. Red dirt =Kenya 

Our hotel from the outside. We think it was probably a British plantation home. The inside was very old, very english, and interesting.

Sadly, this is a typical biker in Kenya. Bikes aren't for fun here. They are transportation. 

Ok, Well, I am only here 3 more days. I don't know whether I will continue the blog after that. Any suggestions. I don't think Fort Worth will be this interesting. 

Love, Abby 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your excursion with all of us! See you Thursday