Saturday, April 7, 2012

End of Kakamega

Ok, so when I put up the last post, it obviously was unfinished. The internet had malfunctioned, so I was able to retrieve an earlier version of what I had been writing, not realizing that 90% of what I wrote wasn't there. 
            We went on the sunrise hike. It was beautiful. Just like I learned about in elementary school with the canopy of trees in the rainforest. The fog was on top of the river, making it gorgeous. The air was cool, but it felt good while hiking.  
             After the hike, we came back to a late breakfast. Best tasting cup of hot tea I think I have had on the trip. It is funny how hunger makes certain things taste good! I mean, I like tea, but it never has tasted quite so good... except at Moya's! 
            We left after breakfast and got back by noon. It was nice to have the afternoon to ourselves, but Nolan had a project due Monday, so we spent most of Sunday evening in the dark, then in the computer lab due to lack of electricity. 
             Obviously, this was all last weekend! We have more exciting details of our MOUNTAIN CLIMB coming tomorrow, after we upload the photos. Yes... I said mountain, meaning around 14,000 feet, but it was sort of a cheat climb as we drove up most of the mountain. BUT more on that tomorrow! 
love, Abby 

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