Monday, February 27, 2012

We arrived!

We arrived safely in Nairobi at 8pm their time, which Nolan says is about noon in Indiana. It was a long day of sitting. Who would have thought sitting could make you so tired! Summary of plane rides:
         2 times through security
         1 time through Customs (which was a bit of a joke as when she asked what we had Nolan replied medical supplies, PT/INR cartriges, and she pretty much just let us through because she didn't know what we were talking about)
         4 airline meals, 4 snacks, and probably 10 drinks each. My favorite: caramel waffle cookies; I think Nolan's was onion salad, but he says its a good thing he didn't know where the flight attendants kept the supply of cheese and crackers. "Can anyone say medium-sharp cheddar? Mmmmm" :)
         1 trip to McDonald's in Amsterdam. We are trying to go to a McDonald's in every country we visit. So far, London, France, Germany, Italy, Amsterdam, Switzerland. No McDonald's in Nicaragua or Grand Cayman to visit. We ordered Shrimp, which evidently is "Prawns" in Dutch; a McKroket (look it up... very interesting); and a weird flavored McFlurry... Stroop Wafel, if memory serves. Most will be disgusted by the fact that the McKroket was basically a deep fried patty of mashed potatoes, some unidentifiable meat, and cheese. We liked it :) (Nolan questions whether Abby really liked it...)
       2 movies: The help and In Time. For "In Time", don't waste your time, as I regret not watching something else.
      2 Kenyan Sodas: for Abby: Sparkling Rubicon Lychee; for Nolan: Barr Cherryade; as is typical, we each claim our own as superior - at least we know what we like :)
Nolan adds that it was the Longest day ever. Having worked night shift I would disagree, but I suppose we haven't had any "real" sleep for about 30 hours, as poor uncomfortable neck aching sleep on a plane cannot possible count.
         I suppose the coolest thing we saw today was flying over the Alps, the Mediterranean, and the Sahara Dessert. On the first flight it was cloudy, then night, so we weren't able to see anything, but today thankfully it cleared up. I can say I have seen Eygpt and the Sudan now. very very barren. We might have seen the Nile, but need to do some research.
  Well, I love you all. Thanks for caring!
Love, Abby
Addendum from Nolan:
The Story of a Grouchy Customs Lady: or, Who Did You Have in Mind to Carry the Medical Equipment?So... we're going through customs in Nairobi. The lovely lady at the customs booth, upon looking at the approximately 350 lbs of cargo we're laboring beneath, says: "So... what's in the luggage?" I reply, "Medical supplies for USAID, headed to Eldoret." Blank look. "These supplies are for the AMPATH/USAID programs. The program is a cooperation between the IU School of Medicine and Moi Hospital in Eldoret." She says, "Are you a doctor?" Thinking it best not to ask what type of doctor she means, I say "No, I'm a pharmacy student." And then came the tilted head and the eye-roll. "What kind of supplies?" "Mostly PT/INR Cartridges - they're used to perform medical tests." Long pause... "Uh... okay, go ahead." My un-asked question: do only doctors carry medical supplies? :)

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  1. You both look happy! Glad your there safe! Thanks for sharing your funny stories... Can't believe you flew over all that stuff! So very cool!