Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3 days !!!

This is a picture of the Eiffel Tower that Nolan took in March.  
Obviously, not where we are heading to now. 
So, yesterday I started packing. I was all giddy, because it was my last night of work. I decided to make a cake to share with everyone. Well, little did I know, that would just be one of about 20 desserts in my SURPRISE PARTY! 
I was in shock! Everyone snuck behind my back to plan a pitch-in/pizza party. They had cake, desserts, punch! One girl even came in to work when it wasn't her shift. I was happy, embarrassed, excited, and truly honored! No one has ever thrown a surprise party for me! I felt like crying happy tears, but I was too nervous! So in short, it was one of the best shifts ever. I will truly miss all my fellow baby rockers while I am gone. 
So, today we found out fantastic news! I had been worrying about the money.  We have been saving up for a long time, but unforeseen expenses had depleted much of what I would have liked in our emergency fund. It was still ok to go, I had just been stressed. I kept telling myself, and Nolan too, that I needed to have faith, and not worry, as the Bible tells us. Well, we got an email with the invoice, stating that because I was the first pharmacy spouse to go they reduced my fees. It was about 1/3 of what we had been expecting! God is Good! Every time I doubt him, he proves his power. 
So, the short summary... An amazing day! 

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  1. That's wonderful. God truly does see us through everything, He does so much more than we even realize.